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Aliexpress Haul #1! | Replica Artist Makeup Brush | SnailMailHauls

Published on 12 Dec 2020 / In Other

Hey everyone~!!
This is one of my first videos here, so please bear with me!
****I noticed my video was cup off at the end!!! :[ I will make sure this doesnt happen again!!! thanks for understanding, I am new to all of this lol , love u!!!!!****

I noticed the lack of Aliexpress product videos on Youtube (at least, in English) Since I have been obsessed and addicted to this site the past few months, I caved and placed a HUGE order of random stuff to just try out.
As I said in the video, I know that if I try to "save" everything for a one time "haul" video, I KNOW it will not happen, so I decided to film short opening and first impression videos as I get each package.

For all of you who are unfamiliar with Aliexpress: Is it basically somewhat like Ebay, except MAJORITY of the sellers on there are China warehouses, who basically supply people who then sells on Ebay. You will run into a lot of random stuff, cool stuff, replica/fake stuff. but most are extremely inexpensive.

I did buy a lot of beauty products during my first huge haul of things, and, as a beauty junky, I do have most of the "original" products, so I thought I thought it would be fun to compare the two. I am not condoning on people to buy fakes, or "cheap things", so please keep in mind that these videos are really just my opinion, and to help others who MAY be interested in this sort of thing -like me lol-

Please feel free to message me below if you are interested in the seller or link of products, I do not list them since I noticed other YTers do not do it so keep the seller from being removed off the website. Again, please shop on this website on your own discretion, a LOT, if not MOST, of the products you purchase will be replicated!

Thanks you guys! I have at least a 100 other things coming in time due, so I am extremely excited to film each review for you guys!!

Please Subscribe!! I promise I will have TONS more coming soon

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